The New Patient Interview




For years in traditional dentistry we have conducted a new patient interview which consisted of going over the medical history and asking the patient if anything hurt.

When we truly understand human nature we can better design and customize our new patient interview that will create a better relationship, trust, and therefore higher treatment acceptance.

Learning objectives:

  • To establish a relationship with the new patient.
  • To discover the patient’s propelling forces.
  • To increase treatment acceptance.


“The New Patient Interview” is co-sponsored by Dental Tribune America, LLC. Dental Tribune America LLC is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Speaker: Sherry Blair

As Director of the Dynamic Team Program at the Las Vegas Institute, Sherry shares her more than 37 years of experience managing each and every system within the dental practice.  Sherry has combined her acquired knowledge and personal experience to create an inspired, effective and motivated curriculum that refines the systems surrounding the patient’s total experience in a dental practice.  Sherry’s extensive exposure to most forms of practice management and dental systems, as well as her strong focus on patient satisfaction, make her uniquely qualified to enhance the effects of any dental practice.

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