• Reduced Rate for the Annual Meeting 
  • IAPA Membership Search
  • Ability to Attain Fellowship Status in the IAPA ****
  • Access to the IAPA Forum ***
  • $100 off LVI programs **
  • Aesthetic Eye
  • Use of the IAPA Logo for Advertising Purposes

For almost the price of the lab fee for one crown ($365), you can protect your own future. Every Physiologic Based dentist needs to support this organization.

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** Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, not all LVI courses are eligible for discount. Contact a LVI Concierge to learn more: concierge@lviglobal.com

*** Must have completed CORE I and registered for CORE II***

**** Requirements to Attain FIAPA Status include:      

  • Attendance at a minimum of five IAPA meetings, not necessarily consecutive
  • Be a current IAPA Member
  • Completion of the LVI Core Curriculum
  • Successful achievement of LVIF examination
  • Must Attend the  current IAPA Conference the year you attain FIAPA status
  • To maintain your IAPA Fellowship, you are required to attend 1 out of every 2 annual meetings, and membership in the IAPA.

Annual Meeting

IAPA members receive $200 off the IAPA Annual Conference

The IAPA Forum

The IAPA forum is available to all IAPA Members, where you can get help with cases and the best and brightest doctors are there to advise and help.

** As an IAPA member to be eligible for the IAPA forum you must have completed CORE I and registered for CORE II **

LVI Global Course Discounts

IAPA members receive $100 reduction off LVI programs, the official education arm of the IAPA – say you go to two programs a year = $200

Membership Search

The IAPA Membership Search is an invaluable tool for patients searching for a dentist and it can also be your own personal resource for networking with aesthetic professionals. The search comes complete with both alphabetical and geographical listings for IAPA members around the world. Members also look here for a reference when someone in a distant area needs services. Don’t miss having them refer to you! Click here to access the Membership Directory now!

Aesthetic Eye

The Aesthetic Eye of the IAPA allows members an opportunity to present aesthetic cases they have accomplished in their practices. It will feature photographic presentations submitted by IAPA members that will be highlighted at the Annual Meeting of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics. The submitted photographs in each category will be reviewed by the panel and selections will be made on finalist to be displayed.

Must attend the IAPA conference (Case fees will apply)
The categories are as follows:

  • Anterior Aesthetics (Indirect or direct)
  • Full Arch/Full Mouth Aesthetics
  • Glamour/Portraits
  • Anterior Single Tooth Match


Click here to download a 2024 Aesthetic Eye Submission Application. For any questions about the Aesthetic eye contact Gina Jasso at gjasso@lviglobal.com or call 702-341-7978.