2018 Speakers

What Your Patients Are Saying About You, And What You Can Learn From It


Like so many dentists, Dr. Dickerson was busy creating a practice based on the skills and knowledge he obtained in dental school, however he was increasingly frustrated and disenchanted by the traditional approach to dental care. Developing a “Patient Centered Practice” gave him his passion driven purpose. Propelled by this new excitement for dentistry, Bill started sharing his passion with other dentists and quickly became recognized as a respected opinion leader and highly sought after speaker as well as one of the most influential people in dentistry. He was instrumental as a pioneer in the aesthetic revolution as well as igniting the professions interest in Physiological Based Dentistry. His focus for the past two decades has been to create a better future for the profession.

Since 1994, Bill’s efforts have been channeled into creating the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI Global), providing an educational forum for advancing our profession, and developing many aesthetic and occlusal techniques that enhanced comprehensive restorative procedures.

Over nine thousand dentists from all over the world have attended LVI and over 10,000 of their patients have been treated there, as well as the thousands of others who have enhanced their practices by attending lectures of Bill’s or reading his several books. From Aesthetic dentistry to scientifically based occlusal approaches, Bill has encouraged, assisted and propelled dentists from over 43 nations to grow and excel.

Dr. William Dickerson does not have relevant financial relationships with proprietary entities producing health care goods or services related to the content of LVI courses.

Want to get more people to understand the need for treatment? This course is a must as Dr. Dickerson will share with you what patients want, what you need to do, and common mistakes made by dentists in case presentations.

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For The Participant To Be Able To:
Properly discuss and educate your patients
Discuss what patients want from their health care providers
Discuss what physiologic dentists doing wrong in their treatment and what are they doing right


“Simple Truths of a CEO’s Journey to Success”

Mr. Dan Mason – Former CEO of CBS Radio

Dan Mason serves as Chairman of the Board of The Broadcasters Foundation of American, a 65 year old non- profit organization which serves those in acute financial need, preserving the personal dignity of those within the radio and television industry. He also serves as Senior Advisor For Broadcast Relations to iHeartMedia of New York.

Dan Mason was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Radio until his retirement in 2015. In that role, he oversaw all aspects relating to CBS Radio’s more than 125 stations.

An experienced radio programmer, Mason initiated an aggressive growth strategy at CBS Radio including the launch of new formats at dozens of stations across the country and creating CBS Sports Radio, a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week lineup of national programming from CBS Radio and CBS Sports.

Under Mason’s leadership, CBS Radio took a number of steps to expand its digital presence, including building an online audio streaming platform, creating mobile applications that allow listeners to interact with CBS Radio stations on the go, and expanding its use of online video to complement the division’s over-the-air programming.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Mason was graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in broadcasting and in 2006 was presented with an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from that institution. In 2010, he was presented the coveted Ralph Gabbard Distinguished Kentuckian Award in recognition of his achievements in broadcasting. Dan Mason was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago in 2015.

In January 2016, Dan Mason joined CBS Sports Network as a freelance basketball play by play announcer for women’s basketball. He also works as a thoroughbred horse racing analyst for the NBC Sports Radio and the Horse Racing Radio Network.

The Amazing MLS Laser: Applications in Dentistry and Beyond

Dr. Heidi Dickerson, DDS, LVIM, LVIF, FIAPA

Speaking for BioResearch Workshop

Dr. Heidi S. Dickerson is a 1994 graduate of the University of Illinois, School of Dentistry. She began her dental career with a private, Physiologic Based, restorative practice in Philadelphia, PA. Because of her commitment to excellence and spending countless hours mastering aesthetic, restorative and Physiologic Based dentistry, Dr. Heidi Dickerson was excited to teach others the optimal possibilities, to integrate into their practices!

From Physiologic Occlusion to Full Mouth Reconstruction, Dr. Dickerson teaches a hands-on approach to learning. She holds the prestigious LVIM (Mastership) title at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. As an international lecturer and corporate leader, she has shared the Physiologic philosophy with dentists around the world. In 2010 and 2017, Dental Products Report named Dr. Dickerson one of the Top Women in Dentistry.

As an executive administrator and President, she facilitates the operations of the Las Vegas campus and the Australian campus. Expressing her passion, Dr. Dickerson guides and encourages doctors and their teams through the LVI Curriculum. She is the Editor of the Visions Magazine and a featured writer. She is also the creator and producer of LVI TV, a bimonthly dental news source on YouTube. Her goal is to assist dentists in being the best that they can be… by becoming perpetual students of dentistry and life!

Dr. Heidi Dickerson does not have relevant financial relationships with proprietary entities producing health care goods or services related to the content of LVI courses.


Composite Artistry

Ronald Jackson, DDS, FAGD, FAACD

Dr. Ron Jackson is a 1972 graduate of West Virginia University School of Dentistry. He has published over 80 articles on esthetic, adhesive dentistry and has lectured extensively across North America and abroad. Dr. Jackson has presented at all the major U.S. scientific conferences as well as to Esthetic Academies in Europe, Asia and South America and is past Director of the Advanced Posterior Aesthetics and Composite Artistry programs at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, a Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Diplomate in the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Jackson practiced comprehensive dentistry in Middleburg, Virginia for over 40 years.


The greatest impact of cosmetic or esthetic dentistry is providing patients with beautiful smiles that enhance self-esteem. However, materials and techniques have undergone significant evolution and dentists are challenged to keep current. In addition, esthetic standards have been raised and quality outcomes redefined by today’s educated patient. Restoring anterior teeth with a single shade and single opacity is no longer acceptable.

This presentation will illustrate the versatility and value of using direct composite resin for treating anterior restorative needs and cosmetic desires. The logical, conservative techniques shown will lead to a result that pleases the patient and encourages referrals.

In the hands-on workshop participants will have the opportunity to use IPS Empress Direct (Ivoclar Vivadent), a state of the art, naturally shaded composite system. Exercises will include placement of an invisible Class IV and Diastema Closure. Bringing your magnification is recommended. All other materials will be provided.

The educational objectives for this presentation are for the participants to be able to:

1.Achieve life-like conservative restorations and cosmetic enhancements with composite resin
2.Gain a practical understanding of opacity/translucency, form, color, characterizations, texture and contour
3.Create dental art without being artistic




Front Row Leadership™ How Top Performers Never Settle For Balcony Seats

Marilyn Sherman

Marilyn Sherman is dedicated to training people to let go of obstacles and live and work with courage, commitment, and confidence. For the last 22 years, she has motivated audiences all over the country, and internationally with topics about hope, inspiration, and practical tools to implement immediately. With clients in government, corporations, and hospitality, Marilyn is known for giving people success strategies to overcome obstacles, have a more positive mindset, and reduce conflict in the workplace. Her live presentations and her accompanying motivational books have been described as ‘life-changing’. She is a graduate of Washington State University and is currently an Artist in Residence for High Point University.

Her first job in corporate America was with a finance company who saw her  anagement potential early on and put her into a 18-month accelerated management program. She  eventually became a training officer for that company writing and delivering their leadership training. Marilyn worked for a seminar company before starting her own speaking and training company. Clients that have been inspired by her keynotes include CocaCola, McDonald’s, the F.D.I.C., the US Post Office, and every kind of association from Candle companies to Bar Association Executives, to SHRM. She is the author of 4 motivational books including her latest on goal-setting released this year called “Is There A Hole In Your Bucket List?”.

Marilyn is a Certified Speaking Professional ™, the highest earned designation in the speaking profession with only 12% of speakers worldwide holding this designation.
She loves living and working in Las Vegas with her French Husband, Yves. She serves on the board of a non-profit after school program for homeless and under-privileged youth called The Village of Hope and is very involved with Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada.


Hall of fame professional speaker Marilyn Sherman will present you with her Front-Row Leadership program which is designed to inspire you to greater results. This content-filled motivational keynote will remind you that top performers never settle for balcony seats. Front-Row Leaders know that when they’re at the top of their game, they:
● Ignite passion in their teams
● Empower their staff to perform at a higher level
● Demand excellence in themselves and others
● Communicate with clarity and purpose
● Inspire others with their consistent peak performance
● Let go of excuses and get things done!


1. Identify strategies to overcome obstacles to success
2. Reduce conflict with difficult people
3. Create an action plan with 5 steps to improve your front-row leadership


Dr. Chong Lee

Dr. Ed suh

Optimal and Effective IMPLEMENTATION of EMG/JAW Tracking  in Your Office

Dr. Chong Lee

DR. CHONG LEE is an accomplished professional in every sense of the word and a native of Arlington. Following his 1975 graduation from Yorktown High School, Dr. Lee headed off to Gilford College in Greensboro, VA to become a professional soccer player! It did not take long before Dr. Lee redirected his educational intentions towards a career in dentistry. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia and professionally, has focused primarily on the philosophy of optimal care and superb service designed to exceed his patient’s expectations. This level of commitment, as well as his passion for dentistry, led Dr. Lee into the study of physiologic based dentistry; training that considers the importance of a balanced bite with the assurance of successful restorative and cosmetic procedures, including full mouth reconstruction. In the process, Dr. Lee discovered that sleep dentistry is deeply integrated into the study of physiologic based dentistry.  Dr. Lee chose Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), a world-renowned post-graduate center for aesthetic and physiologic based dentistry to acquire the skills and training necessary to achieve the highest level of success when treating his patients for physiologic disorders of the jaw and sleep apnea, as well as addressing his patient’s cosmetic needs. At LVI, Dr. Lee serves as a clinical instructor.

Finding his life’s work both personally and professionally gratifying, Dr. Lee proudly shares his knowledge and expertise of physiologic based dentistry and sleep dentistry with his fellow colleagues through a number of prestigious venues, including:

Past President of International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (/IAPA)

Recipient of Las Vegas Institute Mastership (LVIM); a highly coveted accomplishment by very few dentists across the nation. 

Clinical instructor at LVI (recognized globally as a leading institution for physiologic based dentistry and sleep dentistry)

Founder of the LVI Study Club of the metropolitan Washington, DC area

Dr. Ed Suh

Dr. Suh is fast becoming one of the most recognized names in the field of contemporary dentistry. His down to earth, real life approach to systematically implementing contemporary techniques into the private practice is what has made him highly sought after as a speaker. From esthetic principles, simplifying complex adhesive protocols to streamlined practice management, the topics covered are true to life and have resulted in many success stories both here in the US and Internationally. Dr. Suh is currently serving as a Featured Lecturer and as a Regional Director for the Las Vegas Institute for Dental Learning, the former clinical director for the Nash Institute for Dental Learning, Adjunct Professor at the UNC School of Dentistry, and serves on the Board of Contemporary Product Solutions. Dr. Suh also serves as a Key Opinion Leader for several dental manufacturers.



Dr. S. David Buck

Dr. Tim Gross

Facial Growth Case Studies

Dr. S. David Buck

S. David Buck is a 1988 University of Washington School of Dentistry graduate and has been in continuous full time private practice in Seattle. He has raised six children with his wife Theresa, and has been extensively involved in community service and youth coaching. Dr. Buck has been involved in study clubs through University of Washington and has studied with Drs. John Kois and Frank Spear. Dr. Buck embraced mercury-free, biocompatible dentistry in 1990 and he was one of the first dental offices in the nation to design, test and install mercury separation equipment to capture and prevent mercury waste from entering the waste water stream. He has since received the Washington’s Governor’s award for environmental excellence and a coveted “5-star Envirostar” rating for King County. He is a founding partner in one of the premier mercury separator manufacturers, Rebec Systems, LLC, and Pristine Environmental LLC both located in Washington State.   Dr. Buck’s passion for an all adhesive/cosmetic practice lead him to Dr. Bill Dickerson at the opening of LVI in 1998. Dr. Buck finished the core programs in 2001, and was immediately invited to teach other dentists at LVI. He has been an LVI clinical instructor since 2002, and has gone on to become a Regional Director for LVI in 2005 lecturing to dentists around the country on cosmetics and Physiologic Based concepts.Dr. Buck has been published in the “LVI Visions” magazine. Dr. Buck went on to receive the prestigious LVI Mastership (LVIM) for Physiologic Based and esthetic dentistry in 2008. He was elected to the Board of Directors for the IACA in 2009 and continues to serve in this position. Dr. Buck has lectured nationally and in Canada on the advanced TMD Physiologic Based practice including the IAPA, and Inland Washington dental conference. He currently directs 2 Physiologic Based dental study clubs in both Seattle and Spokane and is a featured speaker for Aurum Ceramic Labs.

Dr. Tim Gross

Dr. Timothy Gross graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1992 and completed a general practice residency in dentistry at Allegheny General Hospital in 1993. He practiced in Pittsburgh for 17 years before relocating to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in 2009. While in Pittsburgh, Dr. Gross was president of the Pittsburgh Academy of Dentistry and on the Peer Review and Patient Relations Committee of Western Pennsylvania. He also was a senior staff member at Allegheny General Hospital, a level one trauma hospital, where he remains on staff lecturing to hospital residents. Dr. Gross is a Fellow and Clinical Instructor of Physiologic Based Orthodontics at the Las Vegas Institute and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine. He is on the Board of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics. Dr. Gross’ practice on Hilton Head Island focuses on orthodontics, Physiologic Based dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea and mercury- free dentistry.


Dr. David Schmidt

Ms. Heather Hennen

CAD/CAM: First Impressions are Everything! Are all Systems Equal? – A Dynamic Review of The Major Systems

Dr. David Schmidt

Clinical Instructor at LVI Global – Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Education

David E. Schmidt, D.D.S. is a native of Indianapolis and earned his undergraduate degree in Economics with honors from Indiana University. He received his Dental degree from the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1994. After graduation, he joined his father’s high-volume practice and spent the next five years perfecting his dentistry with a gentle touch. In 1999, Dr. Schmidt moved to Lake Forest, IL where he joined Dr. Doug Campbell in practice.

Since partnering with Dr. Campbell in their progressive dental fee-for-service practice. Dr. Schmidt has continued to expand his knowledge of the latest advances in dentistry through continuing education. He received his fellowship in 2009 from The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, his IAPA fellowship in 2015, and is now a LVI Clinical Instructor. Outside of LVI, Dr. Schmidt lectures nationally on CAD/CAM technology. When not working or on the road, Dr. Schmidt enjoys swimming and spending time with his family.

Ms. Heather Hennen

Heather Hennen DAII, a resident of Raleigh, NC, has worn many hats in general and pediatric dental practices. Her positions ranged from Business and Treatment  coordinator to Clinical Dental Assistant full time within the dental practice for the last 15 years. Outside of the practice, she operates as an independent consultant and lecturer on various levels within the field of dentistry. Heather is a published author and both national and international lecturer on various topics ranging from chair side assisting techniques, CAD CAM (both clinical and practice integration), treatment acceptance and various other topics. She is also currently serving as a KOL for several manufacturers and has lead several programs at institutes such as The Nash Institute, The Las Vegas Institute, and many dental schools across the country. In addition, she is also the co-founder of the Fifth Gear programs, which provide in depth hands-on clinical training for doctors and their entire team. Most recently Heather was nominated as one of Dental Product Report’s Top 25 Women In Dentistry. Heather is currently the Business/Treatment Coordinator and Dental Assistant for Dr.Edmond Suh in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Her outgoing, engaging and caring personality has driven her to teach others how to be excited about the dental field. She is passionate about dentistry and focuses on practical, relevant and contemporary techniques when lecturing or consulting

This lecture will touch upon how to integrate the latest CAD/CAM technology into the LVI Style practice while giving real time pearls for you to succeed. Topics also covered will be the differences in some of the major systems. Protocols and templates will be discussed on how this technology can make you more efficient and your day less stressful. What can be delegated to the team will also be discussed. Questions will be encouraged and the lecturers will share their pearls and mistakes so that you may become proficient at incorporating this amazing technology into the LVI Practice.

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For The Participant To Be Able To:
1. Discuss the differences in CAD/CAM technologies out there and which one fits your practice?
2. Implement CAD/CAM into the LVI practice so that the office can be more efficient?
3. Delegate appropriate CAD/CAM processes to auxiliaries?


Dealing With Difficult OSA Cases

Dr. David”Trey” Carlton

Dr. David Carlton is a graduate and Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). He has taken over 100 hours of training in Dental Sleep Medicine and treats patients in his private practice in Alexandria, La.



The Ozone Layer Should Be In Your Office!



Ozone gas is one of the most potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents known. There are many useful applications of ozone in dentistry. This presentation will be an overview of the safe and effective use of ozone gas, ozonated oils, and ozonated water in a dental practice. Enhance your restorative, periodontal, and endodontic treatment. There will also be some discussion of uses of ozone in medical practice as well.


1.Discuss basic biochemistry of ozone and its effect on biologic systems
2.Utilize safe practices for use and handling of ozone
3.Discuss basic applications of ozone in caries management, periodontal treatment, and endodontic treatment
4.Discuss use of ozone gas, ozonated oils, and ozonated water

The Keys To Social Media Success

Grace Rizza

Grace Rizza began growing businesses at the age of 22. She has guided the growth of more than 300 successful businesses while building a business and family of her own. Grace is not limited to dental marketing in her speaking topics. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about corporate culture, sales, and innovative business development. Her mentality, approach to business, inner strength and leadership perspective will challenge you to think big, act bigger and amplify your life.

She teaches entrepreneurs how to achieve growth in the most ethical and efficient way. She inspires her audience to embrace change in order to grow. She directly challenges business owners to come to their own conclusions about which marketing solutions are right for their business. Whether connecting with an audience of 20 or 2,000, Grace will educate, empower and entertain.

Grace Rizza provides the “what”, “where”, “why”, and “how” to leveraging social media to grow your practice.

The educational objectives for this presentation are for the participant to be able to
1. Discuss why social media is so powerful for practice growth.
2. Utilize the different types of social media marketing and prioritize engagement.
3. Utilize implementable strategies for leveraging social media for practice growth.


Cracking The Code: A Legal Blueprint To Reduce Taxes, Protect Your License And Shield Your Wealth

Benjamin T. Dyches, DDS, JD Legally Mine, LLC

Benjamin T. Dyches is among a very small group qualified to both practice healthcare as a licensed provider and provide counsel for healthcare professionals and corporations.  As a dentist, Dr. Dyches owned multiple dental practices, provided care to thousands of patients, and managed a staff of over 50 employees. In 2010, he sold his dental practices and began to pursue his legal interests. Dr. Dyches subsequently graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University with a focus in business law and alternative dispute resolution. He currently cares for patients at his office in Provo, Utah as well as providing healthcare consulting and compliance services through his firm, Aegis Protectors, and lectures on healthcare and business law and lawsuit prevention through asset protection. Dr. Dyches is passionate about protecting the providers in our society and making difficult legal concepts approachable and meaningful.

Dr. Dyches graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. He is a Juris Doctor. He graduated from the Case Western school of Dentistr a Doctor of Dental Surgery, as well as graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science, Microbiolgy from  Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.


There are over 100 million lawsuits in the United States every year, between 18-30 million of these are negligence and injury cases. On average, dentists and dental specialists will be involved in eight lawsuits over the course of their careers. Healthcare professionals become easy targets when they fail to employ sound legal strategies used by other businesses throughout the US.  While there is no silver bullet, there are definitely steps that can be taken to make us less attractive targets. Strategies include limiting risk through structured legal entities (discussed in this presentation are the limited liability company, the family limited partnership, and the Living Trust). Uniquely, we will discuss the cascade of events in a typical medical malpractice scenario and how to use your LLC to protect your professional license from state and federal scrutiny.
Though its primary purpose is safeguarding assets, the legal structure we share is also designed to reduce tax burden. In the final educational segment, we will discuss tax strategies that can be used in conjunction with the legal structure to save money.

The objectives of this lecture are for the participant to be able to
1. Discuss the cascade of events that follows a legal incident and pressure
points that can be used to protect the healthcare provider.
2. Discuss how legal entities, like the LLC, S-Corp, FLP, and Living Trust
can be structured for asset and license protection.
3. Utilize tax strategies that can be used in conjunction with the legal
entities to at least offset the cost of implementation and management.


“Cone Beam’s Like a Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get!”

Dale A. Miles BA, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)
Dip. American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Dip. American Board of Oral Medicine

Dr. Miles is Adjunct Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology in the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He was Chair of the Department of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky, the graduate program director of Diagnostic Sciences at Indiana University, and has held positions at the University of Connecticut and Dalhousie University, and the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH). He was the first Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at ASDOH. He left academia in 2005 to begin a full-time practice of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and the American Board of Oral Medicine. Dr. Miles has been selected as one of the “TOP CLINICANS IN CE” for the past 14 years by Dentistry Today. He has authored over 135 scientific articles, 6 radiology textbooks and the best-selling atlas on cone beam imaging, “Atlas of Cone Beam Imaging for Dental Applications”. He has a web site for teaching the dental team about digital imaging at www.learndigital.net and cone beam imaging at www.doctorconebeam.com. Dr. Miles has a full-time practice in Fountain Hills, AZ. To date he has read close to 24,000 cone beam scans.

Dentists are rapidly adopting CBCT technology. They are using cone beam image for treatment decisions about root canals, impacted teeth, implant assessment and sinus sinus/tooth pain, airway assessment, TMJ imaging -and more. There is much more information in these scans than in your 2D grayscale panoramic and intraoral images. If you use or are going to use cone beam imaging, you need to understand all of the applications available to you in your office and what significant, hidden findings may be in your scan.

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For the Participants To Be Able To:
➢ Discuss the important anatomic regions to review in each scan
➢ Identify typical pathologic findings in these regions
➢ Discuss the need for a report of your findings
➢ Decide what must be referred

Healthy Sleep, Joint, & Muscles: Nutrition & Supplements to support your Patient’s Physiologic Position

Jill Taylor, RDH, BS, ND

Jill Taylor graduated from the Community College of Southern Nevada in 1987 with an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene. She later received her Bachelors of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University graduating Summa Cum Laude and is also a Certified Health Specialist, and Certified Nutritional Consultant.  In August 2017, she passed the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board and is now a Doctor of Naturopath. 

She has worked in clinical practices as a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 28 years, retiring from the Exceptional Dental Practice in Las Vegas, Nevada and pursuing her Independent In-Office Consulting full time.  She joined Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as their Hygiene Program Director in 2010. As an In-Office Coach, Jill brings her passion and expertise to dental teams across North America on comprehensive treatment planning for the dental patient including restorative, occlusal, medical risk, sleep apnea, oral cancer, and periodontal health.

In the clinical setting, Jill specialized in non-surgical periodontal treatment, with special emphasis on Molecular Testing and Laser Therapy.  She previously worked with Premier Laser and became certified on three different lasers since 1997.  Jill has co-authored several articles appearing in well-respected dental journals regarding Laser applications in periodontal therapy.  In addition to being a published author, Jill is an accomplished International speaker who presents on topics including Molecular Testing, Restorative Communication and Acceptance, and Laser Therapy in Periodontal Treatment. 

She is trained in the newest technologies and treatments available and brings extensive knowledge of current science and research into every training she facilitates. Her work with the Las Vegas Institute allows her to express her enthusiasm for the future of dental hygiene while training others in the most up-to-date methods of patient care.

Surviving a $#!% Storm- a business survival model

Kathleen Carson,  DDs, LVIF – MAP TALK SPEAKER

Dr. Carson attended the UCLA School of Dentistry. While there, she was presented with the Excellence in Restorative Dentistry Award and the Academy of General Dentistry Award. She earned her DDS honors in 2001, graduating cum laude, and served a general practice residency with the Veterans Administration in Sepulveda. Dr. Carson’s practice is located in Agoura Hills, CA. Dr. Carson & her team continue to refine their knowledge of dentistry & physiology through numerous continuing education programs, keeping up to date with science, technology, and exceptional patient care. Her practice focuses on a comprehensive care model utilizing a variety of integrative modalities to improve overall health and well-being of their patients. Outside the office she enjoys spending time with her four children, being active outdoors, and reading.

She is a member or past member of the several dental associations, including:
• American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry
• American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
• International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
• American Academy of Myofunctional Sciences
• American Academy of Oral Systemic Health
• Buteyko International – Fellow
• International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics
• Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies- Fellow
• Dental Speakers Bureau
• California Dental Association
• American Dental Association
• Academy of General Dentistry
• American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
• Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Society
• Omicron Kappa Upsilon



 How any Team Member can Quickly and Easily Communicate Aesthetic and Physiologic Treatment Benefits to your Patients


Dr. Brad Durham has been practicing dentistry in Savannah Ga, for over 36 years.  Dr. Durham completed his undergraduate education at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC and dental training at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston in 1982.

He is has been a student and instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for over 20 years and was the first in the world to be awarded the LVI Mastership award.
Since starting dental practice, Dr. Durham has completed thousands of hours in continuing education, with an emphasis on head, neck, and facial pain treatment, dental cosmetics, and complex dental reconstruction. He has pioneered the use and integration of technology in dentistry. He speaks internationally as the owner of Niche Dental Practice Seminars on leadership, business and facial aesthetic topics.
His vision for patient care is to combine today’s technology with yesterday’s lost art of personalized care and service.


What is more motivational than being able to clearly communicate with your (existing and new) patients who want aesthetics and need the physiologic treatment? This presentation is designed to teach you a simple system for getting the patient to understand their benefits and saying yes to your best treatment! You have hundreds of patients in your practice right now who have no idea of what you can do for them! Here is a non-confrontational system that any team member can use starting Monday morning.


1.Quickly find out what the patient really wants from your office
2.Show the patients the existing condition of their mouths
3.Explain to the patient what you can do for them, motivating them into action!

The Ill Effects of the Body From Bad Sleep


Dr. John Pawlowicz is a 1993 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine and completed a General Practice Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Montefiore Hospital. He has achieved Mastership and Fellowship status with ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics), Fellowship status with LVI (Las Vegas Institute), and is on the Mastership track with the AGD. He has been chosen as a top Dentist in Western Pennsylvania as voted by his peers, and recognized by the IACA for his excellence in smile design. Dr. Pawlowicz is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) where he served as a member of the New Dentist committee, the Pennsylvania Dental Association as a delegate, and alternate delegate. On the Board of Directors of the Western Pennsylvania Dental Society he was Vice President, as well as the past President of the Butler County Dental Society. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP), American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), IACA (The International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), and the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO). Dr. Pawlowicz is a Featured Speaker and Clinical Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Additionally he speaks nationally for LVI on the topics of OSA, snoring and TMD. He served as a consultant in the area of clinical materials testing for DENTSPLY of America, and lectured on behalf of Kerr Dental Products. Dr. Pawlowicz has also been a guest lecturer for the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine regional speaker’s series. He currently holds a United States patent for a new design in TENS devices and the application of the device with regard to the placement in the Posterior Cervical/Sub-Occipital regions of the head and neck. Dr. Pawlowicz maintains a full-time private practice in Lyndora, Pennsylvania emphasizing aesthetic restorative dentistry, occlusion, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring, non-surgical treatment of TM joint dysfunction and myofacial pain.

He spends his leisure time golfing and as a volunteer coach for his son’s basketball and baseball teams. He and his family regularly volunteer on behalf of Catholic Charities and their home Parish. He lives just north of Pittsburgh with his wife and two children.

Dr. John Pawlowicz does not have relevant financial relationships with proprietary entities producing health care goods or services related to the content of LVI courses.


The Private Practice Residency- A New Approach to Growing Your Practice


Dr. Kevin Winters attended Kansas State University where he played on the football team before going to dental school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. After participating in a one year general practice residency at the University of Louisville, he started a family practice in Claremore Oklahoma. After many years there, Dr. Winters opened a scratch practice in Tulsa in 2009 focusing on cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Winters is currently running his fourth practice, The Hills Dental Spa in Austin, Texas..

Dr. Winters is one of the original clinical instructors at LVI having started 21 years ago. He has lectured internationally, published many articles, served as high school football coach and raised 2 incredible kids. Dr. Winters loves sports and traveling with his wonderful wife. He also remains very passionate about dentistry.

Integrated Dental Care: Myofunctional Therapy, Sleep Breathing Disorders, TMJ Dysfunction and Physiologic Dentistry


Aida Bosnjak graduated from the Nursing School of the Medical University in Tuzla, Yugoslavia with emphasis on Dental Studies in 1989. She later graduated from W.R. Harper College in Palatine, IL in 2001 with an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene with highest honors and is recipient of the Golden Scaler Award. In the past 12 years Aida became certified in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, Buteyko Breathing Re-education and Dental Sleep Medicine. Aida has worked in clinical practices as a Dental Assistant in Munich, Germany before immigrating to USA. She joined Campbell and Schmidt Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in 2001 where she is still employed as a Dental Hygienist, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Buteyko Breathing Educator, Sleep Apnea Consultant and TMJD Consultant.


This course is designed to help dental teams learn the importance of recognizing Myofunctional Disorders, Sleep Breathing Disorders and TMJ Dysfunction and incorporating Myofunctional Therapy, Oral Appliance Therapy and treatment of TMJD with emphasis on Physiologic Dentistry into daily practice

● Discuss importance of recognizing Myofunctional Disorders, Sleep Breathing Disorders, TMJD and how they can help Doctors treat patients successfully and bring their office to the next level of dental care
● Discuss the importance of having team members who can recognize and treat Myofunctional Disorders, help in recognizing Sleep Breathing Disorders and help in treatment of TMJD
● Actively participate in training of team members in the area of Myofunctional Disorders, Sleep Breathing Disorders, TMJD


How To Double The Amount Of Smile Design Cases In Your Practice and the Latest State Of The Art Procedures and Techniques

Bradley Jones, FAACD 

Speaking for Microdental Laboratories Workshop

Brad Jones, a Fellow member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) making him one of only four ceramists in the world, to hold this honor. He served as an AACD accreditation examiner for six years and on the Board of Directors for four years. He also served on the AACD’s Professional Education Committee (PEC), where he works with six other committee members along with the executive committee in planning the annual scientific sessions three years in advance designed to elevate the clinical and technical skills of all dental professional attendees. Brad’s passion is creating beautiful natural looking smiles and his vision in light and color enables him to create the inner life of a natural tooth. He goes beyond the principals of smile design by maintaining some of the patient’s natural characteristics, making each smile design unique to the individual patient. Brad is an international lecturer, accomplished author and instructor on advanced dental ceramics.



This lecture is designed to be a complete package for success using cutting edge step by-step procedures and techniques that should further help your practice meet today’s patient’s satisfaction. How to approach today’s patient about smile design. Completely new and incredibly successful marketing strategy where your competition becomes irrelevant. These strategies include compelling trial smiles through the use of an additive only wax-up and matrix, temporary material both in office and at an “Extreme Makeover Event” where eight to ten potential patients will be temporally be transformed with this trial smile enabling them to see if they are perceived differently. Because of the Internet, popular “make-over” programs, and the increasing popularity of cosmetic dentistry, today’s patient has become increasingly savvy, and their expectation level has recently risen again. This lecture is designed to equip you with the tools you’ll need for communication between the doctor, ceramist, and patient to exceed these high expectations. This lecture will present cutting edge step-by-step techniques and procedures that should take their practice to the next level. We will show how to mimic a natural tooth from the inside out giving life to the ceramics they deliver while surpassing their patient’s expectations. Learning the proper ingot selection that will give these participants guaranteed predictable results saving them countless hours of chair time by not having to send un-satisfying cases back to the lab.

The objectives of the lecture are for the attendee to be able to”

1. Utilize cutting edge step-by-step techniques including prep design, occlusal considerations, bite registration, prepping into mock-ups there by conserving vital tooth structure, minimizing chair time second guessing prep reduction!
2. Double the amount of smile design cases your practice treats in a year. 3. Understanding today’s patient’s needs and expectations!
3. Achieve natural results while still satisfying the patient.
4. Select Ingot and ceramic materials for in-detectable, vital restorations!



Speaking for Williams Dental Lab Workshop

Bob Clark CDT, LVIM is the owner of Williams Dental Laboratory; a small, family operated, full service laboratory located in Gilroy, California.

After being a CR base laboratory with specific training by Dawson, Pankey, Spears, etc., Williams Dental Laboratory has been working with LVI trained dentists for many years and specializes exclusively in NM and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Bob has taken every clinical and laboratory course offered at LVI, and in 2006 gained the distinction of being the first Laboratory Technician to have earned the LVI Mastership award.

Working with patients that are seeking “want” dentistry has changed the way the “Niche” laboratory must function. The business model that Williams uses is based purely on the “Relationship with the Client” and the Management systems used to maintain that relationship.

Bob leads a small team of exceptional LVI trained technicians. Their focus on distinctively providing this type of “Mastership Level of Care” has allowed Williams to become one of the best NM and Aesthetic Dental Laboratories in the world.


Dr. Brad Durham has been practicing dentistry in Savannah Ga, for over 36 years.  Dr. Durham completed his undergraduate education at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC and dental training at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston in 1982.

He is has been a student and instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for over 20 years and was the first in the world to be awarded the LVI Mastership award.
Since starting dental practice, Dr. Durham has completed thousands of hours in continuing education, with an emphasis on head, neck, and facial pain treatment, dental cosmetics, and complex dental reconstruction. He has pioneered the use and integration of technology in dentistry. He speaks internationally as the owner of Niche Dental Practice Seminars on leadership, business and facial aesthetic topics.
His vision for patient care is to combine today’s technology with yesterday’s lost art of personalized care and service.




Driving Growth Through Personalized Communication and Information: The NEW ERA

Mr. Mike Buckner

Speaking for Weave Workshop

Mike Buckner has been working in the Dental field for seven years, overseeing strategic partnerships for various technology companies. During this time he has lectured across the country about how to harness the powers of rapidly-changing technology. Recently, Mike has focused on teaching how the latest technology can improve practice growth and retention. Mike just doubled his family size in December with the addition of twin boys that keep him on his toes. He enjoys spending time on the snowy slopes in Utah with his wife who is a much better skier than he is . You can contact Mike via email: Mike.Buckner@getweave.com.


People crave personalized experiences with people or technology leaving you feeling like your interests and preferences are being taken into account. We often think that we are in the business of “ Teeth” and of “Designing Perfect Smiles”, but in all reality, we are in the business of “People” and “Relationships”. Getting patients to say “Yes” and keeping our patients coming back, is all dependent on our ability to help them feel like they matter, like we truly care, and that they can trust us. It is too easy to think that our communication with our patients are “Automated” and that we can just “Set it, and forget it”, but that could not be further from the truth.

● Discuss what technologies might be inhibiting your practice growth, and what technologies you should not be without.
● Utilize 3 different ways to help each patient feel like they are not just another patient, but that they are a friend and part of your practice culture.
● Discuss what Key Performance Indicators to track regularly in order to grow your practice production, and minimize patient attrition.

5 Keys to Dominating Your Online Marketing

Mr. Darren Seigel, Esq. 

Speaking for Advice Media Workshop

Mr. Seigel is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Consulting at Advice Media, LLC, LVI’s and IAPA’s Internet Partner. His wealth of knowledge of dental practice marketing is honed from interviewing and working with thousands of doctors and dentists and the ideas he shares can increase your profits very quickly. He has been influential in the growth of practices from one-person-offices to multi-specialty groups and universities. Darren has over 14 years experience and is recognized as a leader in marketing, business development, and strategic business planning. On more than one occasion he has been called the “most knowledgeable person in the business.”

He is a true renaissance man who works and plays equally hard. Music is always playing at the Seigel house and Darren is rarely without tickets to an upcoming concert. Darren spent time “on the bus” with over 30 Grateful Dead shows under his belt. An active outdoorsman, when not traveling, you will find him with his three beautiful children, Quincy, Zane, Noa and his lovely wife, Heidi. Darren left Los Angeles in 2004 to live on the water in Galveston, TX.  Get ready to take a lot of notes. Darren will be speaking in layman’s term how to make the most money possible from the Internet. He will lay out what you need to do to not only get your website to the top of the search engines but also how best to convert your visitors to patients. He will also give you an excellent road map on how to make your social media a true profit center and will explain what you really need to know about managing your on-line reputation.

Implementing the right online marketing plan can give you a ton of new patients and the freedom you want to treat patients, spend time with your family and enjoy your hobbies. This course will teach you how to create the ultimate Internet presence for your practice, manage your online reviews, how to use social media effectively and dominate your competition without breaking the bank. Take your life back and learn how to set yourself up for success with your website and online marketing today!

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For The Participants To Be Able To:
1. Be found on the Google and other search engines.
2. Improve conversions on your website.
3. Enhance your social media to attract new patients.