How to get a “No” that really means “Yes”




1.How to motivate patients to want comprehensive treatment without any sales pressure.
2. Communication methods that eliminate the need for any objection handling techniques.
3. How to rapidly build trust.

The critical skill that creates the exceptionally successful practice is explored.
It is incumbent upon dentists to provide their patients with the highest quality therapies. This often places the dentist in a sales mode. Trying to sell dental treatment is generally unpleasant for all concerned.

However, it is possible to use advanced communications techniques to mold the patient’s expectations in a predictable way. This can be achieved without the dentist being perceived as selling anything. When we create the patient who strongly wants optimum treatment, it becomes relatively simple to give them what they want. The skills involved in achieving these outcomes are counter-intuitive and will not be found in any other system.

Release date: Wed, February 24, 2010

“How to get a “No” that really means “Yes”” is co-sponsored by Dental Tribune America, LLC. Dental Tribune America LLC is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Speaker: Michael Sernik, BDS

michael-sernik-bdsDr. Michael Sernik spent 23 years in clinical dentistry as the owner of several successful practices. He is recognized as a world authority in the field of Dentist-Patient communications. His ground breaking PrimeSpeak 3-day new patient exam workshop has received unanimous praise from participants. PrimeSpeak is a radically counter-intuitive system that boosts patient’s desire for optimum treatment. The PrimeSpeak communications system is supported by a Leadership Program that develops all aspects of the business of dentistry.

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