IAPA 2019 Team Track & 2019 Best in Practice Team Award

Having the Team members at the IAPA is an important part of the of the conference. So the Team Track is  back again for our 2019 IAPA Conference.  see below for information on our Advanced (level I) Team Track and on our  Extreme Team Track (level II).


Module 1: Physiologic and Sleep Dentistry Overview
This lecture will provide an overview of Physiologic Based Dentistry and Sleep Dentistry. We will focus on identifying signs and symptoms related to physiology, airway, developmental, and postural. This lecture is designed to teach attendees to provide comprehensive exams for aesthetic, sleep, and physiologic patients.

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For The Participant To Be Able To:
Discuss physiologic dentistry and what to look for when examining patients
Discuss the importance of screening for sleep disorders
Document physiologic disharmony in the dental system
Organize appointments based on new patient classification
Obtain the appropriate information during the initial new patient interview

Module 2: Records Compilation and Data Collection
This lecture is designed to help attendees to understand the importance of proper data collection and organization of records. Data collection will include patient questionnaires, signs and symptoms, as well as tonsil and tongue grading. Clinical time will be spent improving collection of impressions, and bite registrations.

The Educational Objectives for This Presentation Are for The Participant to Be Able To:
Obtain health history, proper charting of dental, soft tissue, airway and Myofunctional data.
Demonstrate the data to be collected during an extensive exam for physiologic and sleep new patient appointments including radiographs, photographs, and models.
Perform a proper signs and symptoms screening
Obtain impressions and bite registrations for physiologic patients
Properly track the bite measurements using the Managing the Bite Sheet
Label and organize different bite registration techniques as well as other records obtained

Module 3: Overview of Instrumentation in Physiologic Dentistry
This lecture is designed to teach attendees to run initial scans utilizing BioPak, K7, and T-Scan Instrumentation. Attendees should gain a better understanding of the proper placement of instrument recording devices and the data collected by each device.

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For The Participant To Be Able To:
Properly place electrodes to record data for physiologic patients.
Properly obtain Tekscan data to evaluate the distribution of biting forces.
Utilize a Micro TENS and properly place the leads for correct muscle relaxation.
Obtain different types of bites used in the diagnosis and treatment of physiologic patients.
Schedule appointments for new patients, orthotic treatment, temporization and final restorations.

Module 4: Signs & Symptoms Analysis Appointment Coordination and Scheduling
You will work to develop proper sequencing of appointments for efficient scheduling of physiologic and sleep apnea patients. You will also develop good skills and outlines to review case presentations and financial arrangements.

The Educational Objectives For This Presentation Are For The Participant To Be Able To:
Put together collected data for a treatment conference using the provided outline.
Properly sequence and schedule patients using provided timeline for appointments
Discuss release and consents forms and why they are important in the dental practice
Present treatment and discuss financial arrangements.
Schedule for orthotic delivery, long term stabilization treatment and follow up appointments


Module 1: Communication for Case and Financial Acceptance

This track will focus on communication skills for addressing signs and symptoms and educating patients on what type of appointment will benefit them best. Different scenarios will be presented for helping patients become aware of the lifelong affects symptoms can have on their health. Financial obligations for different phases of treatment will be discussed.

The Educational Objectives for this Presentation are for the Participants to be able to:
• Understand the importance of communication skills when educating patients on appointment options.
• Gain a better understanding for the different appointment options and sequence of treatment for Physiologic patients.
• Review financial options for patients during phases of treatment.

Module 2:  Advanced Instrumentation , BioPak, T-Scan and K7.

The goal of this track is to improve the quality of records obtained throughout the sequence of appointments for physiologic and sleep dentistry patients, as well as understand how to run advanced scans, utilizing BioPak, and T-Scan Instrumentation. Develop the proper skills for placement of instrument recording devices and the data collected by each device and how that affects the data recorded.

The Educational Objectives for this Presentation are for the Participants to be able to:
• Obtain a working knowledge of mounting models properly using patient landmarks.
• Gain knowledge of how to fabricate indexes and fixed orthotics while confirming bite measurements.
• Develop the proper verbal skills to introduce patients to technology
• Understand how to properly use technology to gain advanced data
• Gain a better understanding of how to schedule technology appointments and discuss the financial obligations for these appointments.


We are celebrating the team again for the 2019 IAPA Conference with a special award just for them. The IAPA BEST IN PRACTICE TEAM AWARD!!!!

Doctors all you have to do is recommend your entire team who will be attending the conference with you in October for the BEST IN PRACTICE AWARD!

Just submit a brief overview as to why you consider your team to be the best qualified for this honor. Please include a group photo of your team as well along with your overview. All submissions will be reviewed by the IAPA Board and during the IAPA; the winning team will be recognized! As you know the team is truly the heart that beats, keeping the practice alive. Join us in honoring your team for the recognition they deserve!

Please let us know as well of any accolades your team has achieved within the field of Dentistry, and throughout their community!

Click HERE to download the 2019 IAPA Best in Practice Team Award Submission form.

All submissions and photos must be sent to Gina Jasso by end of the business day Monday, October 21, 2019.  You can contact her at gjasso@lviglobal.com or call  702.341.7978 ext.119