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The TMD Decision Tree Navigating The Complexities Of Treating TMD And Incorporating NMD Into Your Daily Dental Practice

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You’ve experienced the epiphany of what neuromuscular dentistry can do for your patients, but because each case is unique, you lack a clear implementation strategy for your practice, that is consistent, efficient, and makes sense to you, your patients and your staff.

Witness the value of methodical diagnosis and treatment planning techniques that can streamline your day to day approach to introducing your patients to NMD, and help you explain the incredible value of a holistic approach to dental care.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the simplest, fastest, least costly way to diagnose TMD.
  • Develop an awareness of occlusal disease ‘red flags’ that  can enlighten the most sceptical patient.
  • Understand the TMD decision tree and its practical clinical application.
  • Rekindle excitement at the prospect of recognizing previously overlooked TMD signs and symptoms.
  • Appreciate the various approaches to NMD rehabilitation from treating one tooth, to the full mouth.
  • Refine an understanding of the possible consequences of ignoring both symptomatic and asymptomatic TMD issues.

Release date: Sun, November 27, 2011

Speaker: Tony Pensak, DDS

tony-pensak-ddsDr. Pensak has been in full-time private general dental practice for over 3 decades, with an emphasis on cosmetic occlusal reconstructive procedures. He lectures internationally on the subjects of aesthetic dental rehabilitation, practice management and occlusion theory. He has experience with a wide range of approaches to occlusal rehabilitation including Pankey, O.B.I., F.A.C.E., PAC-Live and is one of only several hundred dentists to have completed the Full Mouth Rehabilitation program at L.V.I. He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a published author including recent articles in the CDA Journal, OOOO & E and Dentistry Today, and is Category II laser certified. Dr. Pensak is one of only 4 Canadian dentists amongst the members of Catapult. A U.S. based evaluation group of key opinion leaders.

Dr. Pensak is currently engaged in original clinical research in the area of pulpal response to dental materials, and is a clinical evaluator for several major dental manufacturers including 3M Espe, Dentsply and Bisco.


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