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T-Scan: Power tool for your practice

Learn why T-Scan has become a power tool for so many LVI practices.

Learning objectives:

Using T-Scan has helped Dr. Durham and his staff become more efficient and get better end results faster.

Through case examples see how T-Scan can help

  • Educate your patients on their occlusal disharmony by showing them their own bite using the T-Scan
  • Fine-tune the final NM bite after getting proprioception and stabili­zation
  • Non-NM cases, T-Scan can provide you with a way to achieve a confident/quality end result while reducing occlusal complications
  • Control implant loading forces with T-Scan

Release date: Tue, October 29, 2013

Speaker: Brad Durham, DMD, LVIM

brad-durham-dmd-lvimDr. Brad Durham has been practicing dentistry in Savannah for over 30 years. He lives on Wilmington Island with his wife Louise, and has two children, Jessica and Blake, who are both honor graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, where they both live.

Dr. Durham completed his undergraduate education at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC and dental training at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston in 1982.

He is and has been a student and instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for over 15 years and was the first in the world to be awarded the LVI Mastership award for his work in cosmetic and TMJ related dentistry.

Since starting dental practice, Dr. Durham has completed thousands of hours in continuing education, with an emphasis on head, neck, and facial pain treatment, dental cosmetics, and complex dental reconstruction. He has pioneered the use and integration of technology in dentistry. He is a consultant, author, and researcher.

His vision for patient care is to combine today’s technology with yesterday’s lost art of personalized care.


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