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3D Cone Beam CT and Neuromuscular Occulsion

Mr. Greenan will demonstrate what to look for on CBCT scans and how to obtain optimum results through proper patient positioning and image manipulation. You’ll receive his latest guidelines and a protocol for accurate TMJ, Airway and Implant procedures. Emphasis will be placed on both image manipulation and interpretation. The pros and cons of CBCT Imaging will also be discussed.

Learning objectives:
  • Tips for critical manipulation of 3D CT images
  • How to create the necessary CBCT scans for a proper Airway, TMJ and Implant diagnosis
  • Learn how to properly map all axial TMJ images and create the necessary report
  • Using Invivo Software for accurate volumetric airway studies
  • How to interpret CT’s and MRI’s for false positives and false negatives
  • How  to correlate your X-ray findings with your clinical, EMG’s, jaw tracking
  • Can you be held responsible for CBCT intracranial soft tissue diagnoses?

Release date: Sun, March 09, 2014



Speaker: Richard W. Greenan

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