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Unconventional Wisdom or Conventional Stupidity?

“I’ve tried absolutely nothing new and it still hasn’t worked!!”
To be above average, it helps to be different.


  • A ruthless analysis of why conventional treatment planning and case presentation methods often create avoidable problems.
  • How to avoid selling your way to embarrassment.
  • How to avoid patient education being misinterpreted as a sales pitch.
  • Using functional dentistry as a stepping stone to discretionary dental treatments.
  • A business model for all economic climates.
  • Three Management Ideas that will radically improve your practice.

Three Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to implement a financial rewards system that causes behavioral improvements in the team member and avoids the pitfalls of bonus systems and profit sharing.
2. Learn how to set up a strategic plan to project manage the practice towards a specific goal that is driven by the whole team.
3. Learn how to communicate in a way that causes the patient to tell you what you wanted to tell them.

Release date: Wed, February 24, 2010

Speaker: Brett Taylor, BDS

brett-taylor-bdsBrett is a textbook example of what happens when the class clown refuses to grow up. Is his “hey look at me” attitude a desperate cry for attention? What other personality disorders does he have? These and many other questions will not be answered during this lecture. Brett constantly tries to be funny and very occasionally succeeds, but come along anyway because it’s a lot funnier when he fails spectacularly. His irreverent attitude makes him a favourite among people who like irreverent attitudes. He is widely acknowledged as a master of PrimeSpeak by people how have no idea how little he knows. He has a lot of respect for Michael Sernik and promises to be moderately well behaved (by his very modest standards) during this lecture. He hates writing his own bio.

Speaker: Michael Sernik, BDS

michael-sernik-bdsDr. Michael Sernik spent 23 years in clinical dentistry as the owner of several successful practices. He is recognized as a world authority in the field of Dentist-Patient communications. His ground breaking PrimeSpeak 3-day new patient exam workshop has received unanimous praise from participants. PrimeSpeak is a radically counter-intuitive system that boosts patient’s desire for optimum treatment. The PrimeSpeak communications system is supported by a Leadership Program that develops all aspects of the business of dentistry.


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