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Traveling at the Speed of Life

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We are all on a journey of some description, whether it be educating ourselves to be better dentists, meeting up with old friends, being a parent and a friend, lending a helping hand to family members, participating in community affairs etc.


In today’s society we tend to take up many “journeys” and either never get them completed or provide conflicting routes. “Traveling at the speed of LIFE” will engage the audience to self assess by taking a moment out of the IACA journey to REFLECT and CONTEMPLATE. Through REFLECTION and CONTEMPLATION, we will discover a journey which you may be on but did not even realize, or a journey that was never completed, or a journey that needs to be commenced. You may come up with a realization that the journey you are concentrating on may not be your true path.

“Traveling at the speed of LIFE” will provide a platform of personal INTENT, and assist you in finding PRINCIPLES to align your journeys in LIFE. It will allow you to educate yourself to a new level and uplift you to continue any journey with STRENGTH and COMMITMENT.

Learning objectives:

  • What it feels like being “ON PURPOSE”
  • How being “ON PURPOSE” can make your life seem effortless.
  • How can you find your “PURPOSE”

Once the delegates are aware of their PURPOSE, “Traveling at the Speed of Life” will be fulfilling and they can continue any journey with a sound knowledge of the direction they need to travel.

Release date: Mon, June 13, 2011

Speaker: Fred Calavassy

fred-calavassyFred Calavassy is sought after internationally for his inspiring “no-nonsense” style of education which is based upon a clinical approach to achieving dental excellence as well as an open approach to personal development. His understanding of clinical systems and their direct application, combined with his passion for providing high quality patient care, engages his audiences and allows them to take the challenge of change not only clinically but personally.

With a work history in private practice following graduation from Sydney University in 1989, Fred has seen the need for clinical systems to be enhanced and streamlined. Noting the high demands of day-to-day clinical practice has also led Fred to look at aspects of LIFE related but distant to the clinical environment. His energy is now directed toward aesthetic reconstructive dentistry through the use of “neuromuscular” occlusal philosophies though from an educational stand point assisting other dentists and small business owners to optimise their potential not only clinically, but, more recently, through motivation and guidance. His education style allows people to commence, what can often be described as a steep learning curve, with simple, easy to understand techniques which can be immediately applied to the clinical situation as well as allowing the individual the mammoth task of CHANGE.

As a student of many aspects of dentistry, Fred devotes time to ongoing education and is constantly striving to impart his learning in a motivating, captivating manner. He was an active member of the part time teaching faculty at Sydney University, Australia in the early 1990’s being involved in the undergraduate fixed prosthodontic, tooth conservation and oral health courses, was awarded Clinical Associate in 1995, and commenced his own private practice in 1997. He has performed countless hours of continuing education including orthodontic, cosmetic, occlusal, and implant training. He contributes technique articles to local professional magazines and has been a clinical assessor for various materials. He has lectured locally and around the world on the integration of digital radiography in the general practice and clinical applications for the placement of direct bonded composite resins both posteriorly and in the aesthetic zone, though his passion lies with reconstructive rehabilitation centred around “neuromuscular” occlusal principles. He has completed countless hours of personal development courses including business management, neuro-linguistic programming and personal growth and development. He is a member of various associations including the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO), the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), and the International College of Oral Implants (ICOI) and maintains a private practice in Castle Hill, NSW, Australia with his business partner Dr Sam Guirguis. He is a graduate and Fellow of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), completing courses in aesthetic reconstruction and advanced neuromuscular occlusal philosophies, and continues to further his knowledge through continuing education both locally and abroad. He was a Clinical Instructor for LVI at the NSW ADA training facility in 2003, 2004 and 2005 leading a number of dentists in hands on ceramic veneer placement and introductory neuromuscular occlusion philosophies. He was also a featured instructor for the inaugural LVI Core I and III programs held in Australia in 2007. He continues to be actively involved in LVI Australia since then lamplighting the cause of neuromuscular dentistry.

His enthusiasm is infectious, and individuals are propelled by his guidance toward applying the knowledge learnt in their own clinical and personal environments.

From long standing members of the dental community through to newly graduated dentists, Fred’s training style is truly remarkable. His non threatening manner enables those listening to become clear and initiate dynamic progress toward their new compelling futures in the field of aesthetic reconstructive dentistry or whatever journey they choose to undertake.

Along with technical and practical ability he brings realness into the seminar room giving the safe environment needed to allow individuals to develop and enhance themselves.


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