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Principles of Practice Management

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Are you frustrated with your treatment acceptance from your patients? You have more than likely invested a lot of time and money into raising you clinical standard of care but have you changed anything about your patient care systems?

Patient’s perception of quality is not that you cut an A+ prep but how they were treated during their patient experiences.

There are 7 essential systems in a dental practice: Communication, Financial Presentation, Hand-offs, New Patient Experience, Existing Patient Experience, Scheduling, Team meetings with monitoring and each system is a building block with another system.

On April 19 from 5-6pm pst, while making mention to each of the systems I will be discussing Scheduling for Success. We will discuss the business side of scheduling; scheduling to a daily production goal and we will discuss scheduling stress free; working smart, not hard.

Release date: Sun, October 27, 2013

Speaker: Sherry Blair

sherry-blairAs Director of the Dynamic Team Program at the Las Vegas Institute, Sherry shares her more than 37 years of experience managing each and every system within the dental practice. Sherry has combined her acquired knowledge and personal experience to create an inspired, effective and motivated curriculum that refines the systems surrounding the patient’s total experience in a dental practice. Sherry’s extensive exposure to most forms of practice management and dental systems, as well as her strong focus on patient satisfaction, make her uniquely qualified to enhance the effects of any dental practice.


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