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Common TMJ and Jaw Problems That Can Affect Outcomes In Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry

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Identify the most common TMJ problems, ages of occurrence, and associated dentofacial and occlusal deformities. Understand the pathophysiology of the common TMJ disorders as well as the adverse and progressive affects on facial balance and aesthetics, occlusion, jaw relationships, masticatory and TMJ dysfunction, joint noises, pain, headaches, and ear symptoms.

Many TMJ conditions can create dentofacial deformities, malocclusion, TMJ and myofascial pain, headaches, jaw and joint dysfunction, and disability for our patients.  Some of these conditions can also cause progressive and unfavorable changes in the occlusion and jaw alignment. This presentation will improve the clinicians’ ability to recognize the most common TMJ conditions that can adversely affect patient treatment, understand the patho-physiology behind these TMJ diseases, and be aware of the surgical options for correction of specific TMJ pathologies to provide improved and predictable functional and aesthetic treatment outcomes.

Release date: Wed, February 24, 2010

Speaker: Larry M. Wolford, D.M.D.

dcf4f69ff4127090206162aa8d05e83dDr. Larry Wolford is Clinical Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Texas A&M Health Science Center, Baylor College of Dentistry and is in full time private practice at Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas. He is the Director of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Fellowship Program at these institutions and is also involved in resident training and education. He has co-authored two text books, written 22 book chapters for other books, has over 170 other publications, and over 100 published scientific abstracts. He has received the William F. Harrigan award and the William J. Gies Award (one of the highest awards in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) for major contributions to the specialty. He is internationally known for his expertise in orthognathic surgery, TMJ surgery, and sleep apnea surgery. He has developed many of the surgical techniques and treatment philosophies that are “State-of-the-Art” in these areas and has done extensive research documenting evidenced based treatment protocols and results. He is married to Denise Wolford, DDS, and they have 5 children.


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