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Another Edge-OraVerse Reversing Soft Tissue Anesthesia

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Oraverse (phentolamine mesylate) has been on the US market for over two years now and was recently introduced in Europe. It has been a tremendous marketing tool for many practices and there are patients stating they will never have dental anesthesia again without it.

In this course you will learn the science behind how this drug works with data from FDA studies, what the general public thinks from in-depth market analyses and its safety through a long history in medicine.  You will also gain insight into various business implementation models that have been successful in practices across the country.

Learning objectives:

  • Expected duration of soft tissue vs pulpal anesthesia for most commonly used local anesthetics;
  • Mechanism of action for Oraverse (phentolamine mesylate);
  • Clinical indications in dentistry and the historical use of phentolamine.

Release date: Sun, November 27, 2011

Speaker: Shane Matt, DDSM

shane-matt-ddsKnown as the “Rock’n Roll Dentist” to the live music capital of the world, Dr. Shane E. Matt regularly serves local and traveling musicians at his dental studio, Authentic Smiles, in the 2nd Street District of downtown Austin, TX.  Clients are treated to a warm and comfortable setting that upon first look is more like a living room tribute to Austin’s rich music history than a dental office. With vintage concert posters and guitars on the walls, Authentic Smiles showcases state-of-the-art dental technology and services, while an eclectic mix of Dr. Matt’s favorite tunes fill the air.

Continuing the family tradition, Dr. Matt represents three generations in the dental profession; six dentists, two dental hygienists and three dental assistants.  He is a leading area provider of aesthetic, neuromuscular and general dentistry, offering same-day veneers, jaw tracking and EMG Analysis, OraVerse™ and Pure Power Mouthguards for enhanced athletic performance.

His credentials and training include a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Louisiana State University Health Science Center School of Dentistry (1999); Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry from University of Louisiana-Lafayette; and certificates of training from Rich Masek’s CEREC Art & Passion Anterior Aesthetics; Astra-Tech Implant Mini-Residency; and the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies Continuum.   He was an early adopter of Oraverse and was trained as a speaker by Novalar Pharmaceuticals for their initial marketing strategy of educating dentists on its use.
Dr. Matt is a member of the American Dental Association, The International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics and founder of Mouth by MouthWest, a fundraising concert series for MusiCares and the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM).


Address: 1401 Hillshire, Dr. Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89134
Phone: 888.584.3237; 702.341.7978
Fax: 702.341.8510