Aesthetic Eye

The Aesthetic Eye recognizes exceptional dentistry done by IAPA members. These cases are featured at the IAPA Annual Conference. Applicants have the opportunity to have the submitted photos in each category reviewed by the Aesthetic Eye Panel, with deserving selections displayed in the conference exhibitor area plus Aesthetic Eye Sponsor KETTENBACH is giving away some amazing prizes for both the Category and People’s Choice Winners!!!  See Below!

Individual Category Winners :  Will receive  a certificate valued at $500 on the winner’s choice of Kettenbach products….and an added discount to their next year’s purchases of 5% over the current LVI – Kettenbach partnership discount of 5%.

People’s Choice award Winner: Will receive the same prizes as the individual category winners…PLUS a cash award of $1,000.




Category I – Anterior Aesthetics (Indirect or direct)

Required Before and After Views:

  • Full Face/Frontal – 1:10 view against dark background. Vertical shot to include top of head and chin.
  • Full Smile/Frontal -1:2  shot to show a natural smile to include both corners of the lips.
  • Retracted View- 1:2 shot using lip retractors with teeth slightly apart showing incisal edges OR in occlusion (be consistent)

Category I Sample Photos

Category II – Full Arch / Full Mouth Aesthetics 

Required Before and After Views:

  • Full Face Frontal – 1:10 view against a dark background. Vertical shot to include top of head and chin.
  • Full Smile  – 1:2 shot to show a natural smile to include both corners of the lips.
  • Retracted View – 1:2 shot using lip retractors with teeth slightly apart showing incisal edges or in occlusion (be consistent)
  • Occlusal View (4) -1:3 Retracted Upper and Lower Arch with mirror showing all  teeth in arch

Full Arch Sample Photos

Full Mouth Sample Photos

Category III – Glamour Portraits

Required Before and After Views

  • Full Face Frontal – 1:10 view against a dark background, Vertical shot to include top of head and chin
  • Portrait View after – This view is at your discretion. It will not be cropped or magnified or altered in any way.  The way it is sent in is the way it will be mounted and displayed.  The goal in this category is to show creativity in portraiture and also to show that the subject exudes emotion and happiness through their smile.

All shots are to be taken by treating dentist only.   Be creative and show your subject like they can never stop smiling!  Shoot both indoors and outdoors. Try not to pose the subject and let them be natural.  Don’t let them hold a smile until you are about to shoot the picture.  This will avoid muscle fatigue and thus creating an unnatural  appearance or a “forced smile”.  Have them suddenly smile and capture the picture at the top of the smile.  These shots do not have to be close ups and will not be cropped or altered when presented.  This is a chance to show off your work and your creativity. Make it fun!

Category Sample Photos

Category IV – Anterior Single tooth Match

Required Before and After Views:

  • Full Smile – 1:2 shot to show a natural smile to include both corners and lips.
  • Close Up View Frontal – a 1:1 shot to include very close up view of restored tooth adjacent to natural teeth
  • OPTION: If it is more appropriate to show a side view , then that is acceptable. For example, if it is a canine, it might be more clear from a side view.

The goal is to show your talent with single tooth matching.  You will be judged on shade matching, (chroma, hue,value ect.) In addition, you will be judged on shape and contour to match adjacent or contralateral teeth.  Pay attention to texture, translucency, and characterization.  This category requires excellent skill and lab communication.  If it is a direct restoration, you will be able to show your skill in mimicking nature free hand!

Sample Photos

Each Aesthetic Eye participant will receive the following:

  • Submitted cases(s) featured on display at the 2020 IAPA Annual Conference
  • Certificate
  • Recognition on
  • Recognition on
  • Recognition in Visions Magazine
  • Photos displayed in Aesthetic Eye web gallery
  • Opportunity to keep high quality mounted photos for framing

Winners for each Category will be chosen by the Aesthetic Eye review panel prior to the start of the 2020 IAPA conference. The People’s Choice Award Winner will receive a plaque and certificate. Fellow IAPA members attending the conference will be able to cast one vote for their favorite case among all of the Aesthetic Eye Submission for the People’s Choice award will begin on the first day of the conference. 

Image Requirements

  • The submission form must be completed and payment received by October 5, 2020, with all images received no later than
    October 5, 2020. The application form must be completed prior to submission of the images.
  • All images MUST be named in the following way:
    Doctorfirstinitiallastname_categorynumber_descriptionofshotExample:                      jsmith_II_retractedafter
  • Full face shots must be sized to 8 X 10 VERTICAL, with mouth shots sized to 7 X 5 HORIZONTAL.
  • Images must be HIGH resolution (minimum 300 dpi). All images must be submitted in the correct size and format!
  • Images should be saved either to a CD or flash drive. Please mail these to the below address:LVI Global
    Attn: IAPA Aesthetic Eye/Gina
    1401 Hillshire Drive Suite 200
    Las Vegas, NV 89134
  • Files can also be sent via HIGHTAIL. Please email Gina Jasso for hightail instructions.
  • Submissions received after the deadline, are incorrectly sized, or do not meet minimum resolution requirements will not be accepted.

For more information regarding case submission requirements, please contact Gina Jasso at or call 702-341-7978.



Only work done by the actual applicant may be submitted – this includes the dentistry and the photography. Cases must represent work prepared and finalized in the applicant’s office with the exception of Category IV. Submissions become the property of the IAPA and are agreed by the applicant to be used in the promotion and/or education for the betterment of dentistry or the IAPA. Participants at the time of submission are required to be a member in good standing with the IAPA and in attendance at the conference for which they are submitting their cases. Applicants must fill out and submit the application and payment before sending pictures. By submitting this application, the patient has authorized the release of their photos and likenesses for your unrestricted use that includes display in the IAPA Aesthetic Eye area, on the IAPA website and in Visions Magazine.

For more information regarding case submission requirements, please contact Gina Jasso at or call 702-341-7978.


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