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Dental Alchemy-using Primespeak to transform an apathetic patient into your ideal patient

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How did an Australian company become the world’s largest dental practice management company? It solved the biggest problem that Dentists face.

A Dentist’s success is based largely on the outcome of the new patient exam. Descriptors of PrimeSpeak: Scrupulously ethical. Gentle. Counter-intuitive. Unpressured. Immensely effective.

Attendees will:

  • Learn exactly how to improve the team’s ‘people skills’. The ideal formula for in-house training with minimal time off work.
  • Understand the problems with using ‘before and after’ shots. How to create a dental photobank that creates an instant desire for optimum treatment.
  • Learn a new way to chart that saves time and motivates patients.
  • Learn how to prevent objections so you don’t need to try and handle them.
  • Learn why all objection handling techniques are largely ineffective.
  • Learn how to have the patient tell you what you wanted to tell them.
  • Learn how to shorten the exam time and increase its effectiveness.
  • Learn how to implement soft-skills training for your team.

Release date: Mon, June 13, 2011

Speaker: Michael Sernik, BDS

michael-sernik-bdsDr. Michael Sernik spent 23 years in clinical dentistry as the owner of several successful practices. He is recognized as a world authority in the field of Dentist-Patient communications. His ground breaking PrimeSpeak 3-day new patient exam workshop has received unanimous praise from participants. PrimeSpeak is a radically counter-intuitive system that boosts patient’s desire for optimum treatment. The PrimeSpeak communications system is supported by a Leadership Program that develops all aspects of the business of dentistry.


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