Dr. Omer Reed


Dr. Reed received his undergraduate degree and doctorate from the University of Minnesota. He is licensed to practice in Tanzania, East Africa and the Islands of the Pacific Rim, as well as the U.S. Dr. Reed was Alumnus of the Year, University of Minnesota, following 14 years as Adjunct Professor of Ecologic Dentistry. He was also Associate Professor of Ecologic Dentistry for nine years at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill building a bridge between the student and the post graduate. Dr. Reed was a pioneer in group dental practice in the United States with a team of three dentists and four hygienists consistently serving his community for 30 years. Since, 1989 he has pioneered the concept of the one-to-one future of our profession with a solo delivery system. Concepts such as the single chair schedule, the “care pair” team, the front desk-less office, and advanced interactive diagnostic technologies provide the base for the future. He was founder, in the 1970’s, of the American Society for Preventive Dentistry. He was also a founder and principal of Napili, a popular international seminar series, initiated in 1963, which continues to encourage successful private care, fee for service practice. He continues to serve on the editorial board of the Independent Dentist, a United Kingdom publication that promotes personal, private care. This year he was honored with the annual Achievement Award from the the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity- the largest international dental fraternity in the world with over 25,000 members.